1. System Cost and Re-sale Value

Unlike all our competitors, our basic PC program is FREE! Our wireless system devices are designed solely for ER use and having the PC program perform all the heavy-lifting allows us to use inexpensive simplistic prop hardware. Owners can then afford to have duplicates on-hand. Unlike hard-wired inputs, our wireless device inputs don't require a physical connection past the prop, cost nothing and are unlimited.  Elimination of hard-wiring also increases re-sale values as the next Owner also doesn't have to renovate to accommodate wires.


2. Functionality

Our PC program was designed with the GM in mind but the screen-layout was arranged so the average Novice should be comfortable operating it within an hour. An on-screen room reset check-list can be displayed automatically (ER can't start without the GM at least clicking it off). Intermediate devices are typically required to play sounds and video, operate lights, etc. Our system is built around the PC program which easily handles all this and much much more. Hard-wired props have connections that can be damaged by Patrons. Ours have none.  Our wireless devices operate up to a kilometer away from the PC or laptop. Rapid puzzle deployment not only makes our systems ideal for short duration events but the 1Km range opens a brand-new door into ER in a park or a Commercial Customer's building.


3. Reliability

The operative word here is 'DOWNTIME'! Even if one 'sells the farm' to go with a PLC system, our system 'downtime' will be less! Unless you're versed in both Programming and Electronics, when a hard-wired system goes down, it's "Call the damn Tech NOW!" and then possibly wait days or even weeks for one to show up. Our devices are inexpensive and it's therefore expected that spares of everything will be purchased and kept on hand. When one of our wireless devices fails, it can be merely replaced with a spare...in seconds.


4. Ease of Installation/Relocation

A wireless prop is ready to go once placed in the room. Hard wiring of conventional ER devices usually accounts for about 75% of an ER system budget. Tearing open walls, ceilings and floors to accommodate control wires is both time consuming and expensive. Certified Electricians, permits and inspections all cost money!  This same costly process is repeated when one relocates or sells the room.


5. Over-ride Control

Sometimes 'shit happens'! In this event, one needs to be able to close, complete and/or replace a puzzle that failed. Our system allows just that by clicking on-screen buttons. You can even activate a puzzle that has been left in the room just for such an event. Time is always a factor and we have included the ability to add time, subtract time, pause time, resume time and even restart the game clock. Hints can be pre-programmed for both audio and/or text display. Hints can also be sent manually to the room as text.